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Garage Door Maintenance - Adjustment

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At Garage Door Co Solana Beach, we are Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustment Experts because we care about our customers in the community.  Perhaps, it can be said that most businesses care about their customers to some degree; but our company sincerely wants to take garage door service up a notch.  Call us old fashioned if you will; but we still believe in traditional values like honesty, reliability, courtesy, fairness, and professionalism.  We instill this belief in all of our staff and crew at our Solana Beach Garage Door Co.  We operate on the theory that if we take care of our customers; they will in turn take care of us.Garage Door Maintenance - Adjustment

Our garage door techs know every inch of the garage door system

What does your garage door require? Does the spring need replacement or motor need repairing? Calm down and call us! We are experts in garage door repair and maintenance. We can repair motors, change the door springs, replace panels, clean the sliders and do a lot more. Our teams of extremely well trained professionals are the best doctors for your doors. Be assured that we can resolve any problem you may have. Find us online, or give us a call and we will relieve you of your garage door troubles at any time of the day, especially during emergency situations.

It is true of course that we put a very high emphasis on Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustments.  However, we do not wish to provide you with the impression that we care any less about the numerous other garage door services we offer.  There are a few things that we are very proud of at Solana Beach Garage Door Co.  The first is that we do our very best to provide same day service with a smile each and every day.  Second, we are available 24/7 in case you find yourself in a difficult situation late at night. In fact, we have an excellent emergency line if you want to reach us at late hours or weekends and holidays. Last, but certainly not least, we are dedicated to saving our customers money.

You heard us correctly; we are actually out to save our customers money and that is what our Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustments service is all about.  Think about it, if you are keeping your annual appointments with our professional experts for maintenance services, you will, actually, save money. Why? It’s simple. Our technicians will make sure that each and every component part of your garage door is in perfect working order and they will fix the damaged ones. This will eliminate the possibility of frequent repairs in the meantime and, thus, you will be saving money. After all, that’s what preventative measures are all about.

In Solana Beach, our contractor is respected because this service is designed to ensure every piece of the garage door system is lubricated and adjusted in an honest effort to save our customers repair issues.  Some garage door companies might not offer this service to their customers and then just enjoy the garage door repairs when they come.  We will assist you after the fact, if we can; but we would much rather help you before it gets that far.

Our Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustments program is so popular because of our regularly scheduled lubrication service.  Our garage door techs know every inch of the garage door system and they use this service very effectively.  The key here is regularly scheduled lubrication.  You cannot expect your garage door to work properly, if you don’t lubricate the moving parts regularly. It’s not a service that must be performed once every twenty years, it’s a service that must be performed regularly, so that the door will move smoothly along the tracks and the entire operational system will be in extremely good order.

Solana Beach is glad to have our garage door contractor and we are glad to have Solana Beach.

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