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What should I use to clean garage door tracks?

Use a general household cleaner to clean the tracks and first clean the rollers before starting on the tracks. The areas that have a lot of dirt built up should be cleaned first. Never use WD40 to clean tracks as they attract more dust and dirt.

What are the pros and cons of choosing a fiberglass garage door?

According to our experts, fiberglass garage doors are the newest choice among the different materials. It offers a good midpoint between steel and wooden garage doors, as it is durable and flexible. It can also be designed in such a way that it would look like a wooden garage door. It is not as sturdy or stable, however.

Why should we avoid aluminum doors?

Aluminum garage doors are excellent for high moisture regions since they will never erode. The problem is that they are not strong enough. They're lightweight and could be blown away with the first tornado. So they're not recommended for all regions according to our experts.

What do we mean by the reverse mechanism?

The reverse mechanism is one of the safety features of electric operators. If the photo eyes detect an obstruction under the descending overhead door, they will activate the reverse system. The door will stop upon contact and will reverse. This is how accidents are avoided. If the reverse system doesn't work alright, call Garage Door Repair Solana Beach to fix it.

Are there substantial differences between wireless keypads?

Most modern wireless garage door keypads have similar basic technical characteristics although each manufacturer adds some extra features to make their own keypads distinguishable and more practical. It's also important to remember that these keypads are high tech and keep developing but you must choose them based on your own garage door needs.

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