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Do glass garage doors stand any chance against hurricane?

02/23/2014 Back To Blog

If you happen to live in Solana Beach, California then you must know how garage doors play very important role in fighting off the hurricanes and in defending homes against the same. For this reason it is quite essential these Solana Beach garage doors are solid and strong enough to act as the decent hurricane opponents so to say. If you have weak garage door on your Solana Beach home and you live in an area that has increased hurricane alert then you should immediately get new hurricane resistant garage door. If you put all your trust into garage door that stands no chance against hurricane you are literally risking yours and your family’s well being, not to mention well being of all the innocent people that might find themselves in a way of your flying garage door.Do glass garage doors stand any chance against hurricane?

What weather has to do with it?

For this and similar reasons it is quite essential to take enough time and to learn thing or two about the garage door market, garage door offers and garage door specifications before actually purchasing the new garage door. Also if you know that you will probably keep the garage door that you buy for next ten to fifteen and even more years then how much sense it has to buy that same garage door in one day or even one week?! Take your time, get all the facts straight and then make the purchase. Also be prepared to sacrifice certain ideas and wishes like for example getting all glass garage doors. Even though nowadays you can find various models and styles of glass garage doors like all glass door or aluminum frame glass garage door and similar; and even though the garage door manufacturers use the safe glass, when it comes to fighting the hurricanes glass might not be the most solid or smartest choice.

Talk to garage door industry representatives

In fact when it comes to selecting the garage doors that need to have additional resistance and safety features then you will get the best advice from experienced individuals knowledgeable about the industry. They will be able to give you more info about the specific garage door materials, about the specific garage door styles, about the most resistant garage door solutions, about the statistics and so on. Since hurricane is not something to be taken easily purchasing the garage door that should resist the same is definitely something that should be taken equally serious.

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